Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision

To revive the craft of ceramic-making in Malta and promote it as part of the Mediterranean cultural identity both locally and overseas.

Our Mission

To attain long-term client preference as a manufacturer and promoter of hand-crafted ceramics reflecting a Mediterranean character by generating return on investment to shareholders, offering clients a unique and artistic product, and fulfilling employee needs through consistency, honesty and quality.

Our Goals and Objectives

  1. Regularly review the processes and cost effectiveness of manufacturing and delivery products, so they conform with the industries’ best practices and technological advancements, and ensure a competitive edge.
  2. Adopt a customer-driven product development attitude so as to achieve a differentiated market position, with a unique combination of strengths in product assortment, price competitiveness, quality, and customer relationship.
  3. Continuously improve performance with respect to environmental protection in the manufacture and delivery of products.
  4. Foster a customer-focused and team-building culture by maintaining an open communication with customers and staff.
  5. Continue to recognise that staff is the most important asset of the business and that their ongoing development and safety is vital to the achievement of our corporate goals.