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Lava Stone Tables, Murals, Facades

Lava Stone Products- The lava stone table tops by Mediterranean Ceramics are produced locally by our team of artists. They come adorned with custom, hand-made designs, varied shapes & sizes. This artisan touch is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, imbuing in each design a unique sense of authenticity. Here are some facts about our products:

  • The lava stone tables are perfect to use indoors and outdoors all year round.
  • They are scratch and stain proof.
  • Maintenance free and acid proof, unlike marble, granite and teak
  • Hand-painted and fired with a ceramic glaze.
  • Withstand all weather conditions (-+100 degrees) and can be kept outside all year round.
  • We use 100% galvanised steel for our metal bases and chairs; all produced by Mediterranean Ceramics in Malta.
  • Our products come with a guarantee and exceptional after sales service, as we are the only local producers of these premium products.
  • All tables are customisable and can be personalised.
  • You may choose from our wide range of designs or let us help you create your own.
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Stain Resistant

Heat Resistant

Frost Proof

UV Resistant

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Lava Stone Table Artistry: From Volcano to Masterpiece

At Mediterranean Ceramics we specialise in the production of lava stone tables. The process is packed with interesting stages with plenty of opportunity for customisation. The lava stone  has been used for centuries by different cultures and people. The lava stone as a raw material is the direct product of a volcano eruption, thus once the erupted lava dries up it turns into the lava stone which you will find in our factory. This unique rock is quarried, then cut into slabs and then cut into the desired shape and dimensions requested by our clients. It is covered in a white ceramic glaze allowing the artist to have a strong base for the pencil hand sketching process. Once the sketching process is confirmed by the client we move onto the hand painting stage using ceramic colours and glazes. The final stage is the application of spraying the final top coat of ceramic glaze and firing the table at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius for 48 hours.

Lava Stone Kitchen Counters

Indoor & Outdoor Kitchen Counters

Mediterranean Ceramics offers a number of custom-designed, hand-painted lava stone kitchen counters. Lava stone is impervious, making it impossible for any liquid to pass through and for bacteria to grow. This ensures top-notch hygiene levels. Being made out of lava stone, these counters are naturally apt to withstand high temperatures, and they are also scratch proof, highly resistant to chipping and cracking. This makes our kitchen counters ideal for food preparation. The finish applied by Mediterranean Ceramics also ensures any custom design will not fade due to UV from the sun or aggressive stain removers. This makes our lava  stone counters ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor kitchens. In fact, due to these properties, we have had requests for lava stone to be used for things like shop counters, facades, outdoor bar counters as well as bathroom countertops, benches and stools.

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